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About Me

I am a freelance writer and editor with a background in optimizing content for both organic traffic and online conversions. I've created for a variety of websites, including Yahoo, USA TODAY, NBC, and The Mortgage Reports, to name a few.

  • SEO Editor
    I will rewrite your web copy for SEO.
  • SEO Copywriter
    I produce fully-optimized, original content.
  • Personal Finance Writer
    I specialize in mortgage loans, banking, credit cards, investing, and more.
  • Freelance SEO Specialist - Key Content
  • Freelance SEO Project Manager - CouponFollow
  • Freelance SEO Manager - Masthead Media
  • Freelance SEO Editor - The Mortgage Reports
  • Freelance SEO Editor and Writer - Leaf Group
  • Freelance Home Finance Writer - The Drive
  • Freelance Personal Finance Writer - Task & Purpose
  • Freelance Finance Writer and Editor - Slickdeals
  • Senior Personal Finance Content Manager - Slickdeals
  • Senior Content Manager and Editor - Truth Company
  • Managing Editor - Sapling, Cuteness, and Techwalla
  • BSc In Communications - University of Utah, 2004
  • Content Marketing Certification - HubSpot Academy Institute, 2020
  • Google Analytics 360 Certification - Google, 2020
What I can do for you!

Freelance Content Services

I can help your brand establish authentic and authoritative content that connects with passionate audiences.

SEO Copywriter

You want compelling content that also gets seen, right? I create keyword-optimized original articles, blog posts, and web copy that both readers and search engine algorithms can understand.

SEO Editor

Whether your landing pages need a refresh or your content requires optimization, I can improve your existing copy's organic traffic and put your services in front of the "right" audiences.

Financial Writer

Does your editorial team need a freelance personal finance writer? I offer a decade of experience in creating content about mortgage loans, insurance, credit cards, and other financial services.


Being a freelance writer and editor, I get the opportunity to work with plenty of important brands and talented teams. Even though personal finance is my specialty, as an SEO copywriter, I produce and optimize content in a variety of categories. Click the links below to review a few of my favorites.

Top clients

A few brands that I've worked with.

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